Minute Daily Devotional

Minute Daily Devotional — Quit Arguing with the Devil

Minute Daily Devotional — Quit Arguing with the Devil

Most of us are familiar with the term Spiritual Warfare.  Basically, Christian believes in the constant struggle against evil.  The devil is seen as the cause of all evil.  James 4:7 tells us to submit ourselves to God.  Resist the devil and he will flee from us.  There is nothing in this scripture that gives the devil a choice as to whether he will flee or not.  So why do we keep telling him to flee?  You will not see any scriptures in which Jesus argued with the devil.  Jesus simply spoke the Word of God, and the devil had no choice, but to obey.

When I bought my house, there was a force that tried to keep me from living in it.  Once I recognized there was a demon at work, I rebuked him and went about my business.  I did not have a discussion with the devil; I told it to flee, and he had no choice, but to leave.  Once the devil was rebuked, I was able to live in my house peacefully.  I refused to allow the devil to take away my God given blessing.

When things happen in your life due to a demon, you have to speak to that demon with the authority given to you by Jesus Christ.  You only need to tell the demon once and expect him to flee.  Do not waver.  Don’t give the devil any glory by giving him unnecessary attention.  Give all the glory to God!!!

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