Minute Daily Devotional

Eliminate Excuses from Your Life — Minute Daily Devotional

Eliminate Excuses from Your Life — Minute Daily Devotional

Everyone wants success in life. People have big dreams on what they want to do and accomplish in life. However, the majority of people fall short of their expectations. Then they begin to make excuses. “The task was too hard.” “I have a family to take care of.” “I just don’t have the time or resources.” No matter how they present the reason for failure, they’re just making excuses.

In Exodus 4:10-14, Moses was making many excuses as to why he couldn’t speak to Pharaoh to release the Israelites from slavery. He tried to tell the Lord he couldn’t speak well. The Lord, however, refused Moses’ excuse and still ordered Moses to confront Pharaoh.

I was generally successful at school, but I struggled in the workforce for the first 6 years after completing my undergraduate degree. From trying to find a job to working at various companies, I struggled mightily. Prior to 2011, I made all kinds of excuses as to why it was difficult to achieve success. Though my supervisors tried to help me, they didn’t accept excuses.

After 2011, I decided to stop making excuses. I started focused on walking by faith and making stuff happen. I started thinking positive and eliminating the “woe is me” mentality. Then, things started to improve for the better. Now, I’m in demand in my professional field, started two businesses, and making an impact in my community. Eliminating excuses from your mouth will help you become successful.

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