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Quit Asking God to Avenge You — Minute Daily Devotional

Quit Asking God to Avenge You — Minute Daily Devotional

In Luke 6:27-28, Jesus states the following: “But I say unto you that hear, Love your enemies, do good to them that hate you, bless them that curse you, pray for them that despitefully use you.” When Jesus was alive on earth, he had many followers; however, he also had lots of enemies. Despite being God in the flesh, Jesus did not take vengeance on his enemies. Even when he went to the cross, he prayed in Luke 23:34 for the forgiveness of those who persecuted him on the cross. That is some amazing love.

When I’m focused on the bad things done to me by other people, I have a difficult time walking in God’s purpose for my life. You cannot commune with God if you have hate in your heart. Hate will cripple your ability to walk in your God given purpose. Successful people don’t waste time thinking about their hurts; they focus on their healing and their ability to make an impact in life.

Praying for God to punish those who do you wrong goes against the message of love Jesus taught. Instead of wishing bad things on our enemies, we should be praying for their salvation. He died for all of us, and that includes our enemies. Though vengeance belongs to the Lord, we should be praying that our enemies receive another opportunity to accept Christ as their savior. Jesus paid too high of a price for us to simply wish destruction on our enemies.

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