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Montario Fletcher has been in the computer science field since 2010. He is currently a software developer at Alliled Business Systems in Macon, GA working on solutions for lenders. Previously, he served as a software analyst at Robins Air Force Base in Warner Robins, GA, working on multiple projects in many different programming languages. Major projects include the Air Force’s migration from Konfig CM to Teamcenter, upgrading the public sales program from Visual Basic 6 to ASP.NET 4.0, and expanding the capabilities of an image extraction tool. During Montario’s tenure, he was awarded the 2013 Northrop Grumman TAP award for demonstrating excellence in the Teamcenter project. In addition, he spent two years working on the Air Force Reserve’s budgeting and personnel financial systems.

Montario has also been in the education field for over fifteen years, five as a teacher, and twelve as a tutor. He worked for several different tutoring agencies and school systems before establishing Math Made Easy Tutoring Service, LLC in 2002. Since establishing Math Made Easy Tutoring Service, he has helped over three dozen students pass their math courses from elementary to high school and even college. Many parents and students have been satisfied with his method of instruction.

Montario is very active in community service in central Georgia and the Atlanta area. He has partnered with Simply United Together Global, LLC, in which Founder Dr. James Jones was recently awarded the 2015 Best Community Leader by Steve Harvey. He has also partnered with Dr. Angie Eugene in starting the Community Service Organization Trinity Vision Global. This year, Montario has helped feed the homeless in three different neighborhoods, fight blight in two neighborhoods, and supported five school supply drives.

In Montario’s free time, he enjoys social dancing. As a gentleman in the ballroom dancing classes and social events, he is surrounded by ladies ready to dance for each song. Whether it’s Detroit Style Ballroom, Graystone, or Chicago Steppin’, Montario always makes the ladies look good.