Math Made Easy Tutoring Service, LLC  – This is Montario Fletcher’s primary business venture.  He has a passion for helping today’s youth acquire education.  Today’s Mathematics courses in the public school system have evolved significantly to the point where most parents can’t help their children with their homework.  As Montario previously worked in the public school system in Georgia, he has the experience to adapt to the ever changing curriculum and provide instruction to his clients in an understandable way.

Legalshield – Montario understands the need for everyone to have affordable access to legal advice and legal representation.  As a Legalshield member, he has verified the quality of the Legalshield program in many different ways.  As a Legalshield associate, he proudly presents the opportunity to prospective clients so they can enjoy the benefits of having access to legal services.

Teachers Pay Teachers — As a former teacher, Montario created educational material for his students.  This material helped his students succeed in their Math courses.  He posts those materials as well as other teaching materials that may be helpful for teachers in their classrooms.