Favorite Books

Montario uses his free time to acquire new knowledge by reading many books.  He is an avid fan of audio books, which allows him to experience new books in an efficient manner.  Instead of listening to radio stations, he is often listening to audiobooks such as “The Secret”, “The Power”, Steve Harvey’s “Act Like a Success, Think Like a Success”, and “the Slight Edge”.  For Montario, commuting time is “Drive Time University”.

Montario’s primary genre of books is inspirational.  From the Bible to the books already listed, he has transformed his life for the better.  Since he started listening to audiobooks, he has removed all negative influences from his life.  No longer does he listen to the news or watch programming filled with criticism and other negative influences.  Montario’s outlook on life has become more optimistic as a result, and he is now encouraged to live life to the fullest.