Social Dance

Montario started ballroom dancing in 2013 at the request of several friends.  While studying Detroit Style Ballroom through Khicks Ballroom Dancing Company, Montario was able to become a very talented dancer within a short period.  Weekly ballroom dancing classes and events serve as a way for Montario to relax and enjoy meeting new people.  Montario is rarely sitting down as either he’s asking another lady to dance or a lady asks him to dance.  Either way, he gives the ladies a good workout while making them look good in the process.

In addition to Detroit Ballroom, Montario has also recently taken Chicago Steppin’ classes from the Central Florida Steppers and the Smooth Silhouettes.  Though Steppin’ is a more difficult dance, Montario has been able to hold his own on the dance floor. Montario regularly travels to ballroom dancing conventions throughout the country in the quest to meet new dancers and expand his craft.